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Vitamin & Mineral Supplement Tips: A Vital Part of Post-Bariatric Surgery Health

Written for Bariatric Choice by Lisa Diewald RD and Sharon Howard RD Now that your bariatric surgery is behind you, the opportunity for a new beginning is at your doorstep! As you embrace this fresh start, it’s important to remember that bariatric surgery introduces changes to the gastrointestinal system that can impact dietary intake and quality.… Read More »

Protein Benefits and Quick Reference Guide for Bariatric Surgery Patients

Weight loss surgery causes severe trauma to the body. After bariatric surgery, you must take in sufficient protein every day to speed wound healing, preserve your lean body mass, enhance your fat-burning metabolism and minimize hair loss. Foods that are high in protein should always be eaten first during meals. The recommended long term post-surgery… Read More »

Learn About the Types of Bariatric Iron (Video)

If you’ve undergone any type of weight loss surgery, you may know that there iron deficiencies and anemia can be a risk, especially after Roux-en-Y (RYGB) gastric bypass. In fact, some medical estimates say 50% of RYGB patients test positive for iron deficiency, which can develop years or even decades after the procedure. There are… Read More »