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Spring Into Exercise After Daylight Savings Begins, But Use Caution

The three-hit punch of winter’s shorter days, the end of Daylight Savings Time and frigid temperatures are often all the excuse we needed to stop those after-work exercise routines. It’s not easy to find motivation to go walking or jogging after driving home in the pitch dark and finally getting warm and toasty inside. In fact, a large… Read More »

Our Must-Read Bariatric Educational Articles of the Year

At Bariatric Choice, we are not only continuing to build our online store to be the leading source of bariatric nutrition, but we recently launched our Bariatric Choice blog to deliver expert nutritional, lifestyle and meal planning guidance before and after weight loss surgery. Since its launch in late last year, thousands of visitors have… Read More »

Exercise Dos and Don’ts

As you continue with your exercise program, here are some general guidelines to follow and remember: DO …drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercise …dress properly …wear well-made shoes appropriate for your activity …breathe when doing strength training DON’T …bounce when you stretch …wear rubber suits to increase sweating …do straight leg sit… Read More »

Aerobic/Cardio Exercise Basics

How to Determine Your Heart Rate Aerobic activities can strengthen your heart. For an activity to be considered ‘aerobic’, it must be performed at an intensity that makes your heart work harder than it normally does. The intensity of an activity can be estimated using your heart rate. Calculate your heart rate in the space… Read More »

Tips for Smart Exercising

Warming Up Every workout should begin with a warm-up. Muscles that are warmed up and stretched, work better and are less likely to be pulled or strained. A warm up should last 5 to 10 minutes. By moving your arms and legs in a slow, rhythmic fashion, your body temperature will rise and your heart… Read More »

Setting Exercise Goals

How to set the right goals for your exercise program after weight loss surgery Throughout this program, you will plan and set exercise goals by completing the activity section of the lessons. Here are a few tips to help you build your goal setting skills. Goals should be your own. If you are trying to achieve… Read More »

7 Things to Ask Yourself When Considering Bariatric Surgery

As you consider the many weight loss surgery options, it’s important to understand that any procedure is just the first step. The key to making it a lifelong success is understanding the personal commitment to change. Sharon Howard R.D., who counsels weight loss surgery patients (pre-op and post-op) in her role at a certified Bariatric Surgery… Read More »