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Understanding BMI

Many people know their body mass index, or BMI, as a number, but far fewer understand just what that number means. Contrary to popular wisdom, the index does not measure excess body fat, nor is it a modern invention created in response to increasing average weights. Although it can be an effective tool for understanding… Read More »

Why Protein is Important Before and After Weight Loss Surgery

If you haven’t yet had your bariatric surgery, it’s important to prepare yourself for the process, and Lori Rosenthal, a registered dietician specializing in weight loss and bariatric issues suggests the following. “You need to create good habits that you’ll follow after your surgery. To be realistic, you need to start small, eating three small meals… Read More »

The Top Hospitalization Risk Post-Bariatric Surgery: Dehydration

Dehydration, says Jessica Crandall, registered dietician nutritionist and national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, is the number one reason for hospital re-admittance of bariatric patients, post-surgery. This means that, once you’ve had bariatric surgery, it’s crucial that you focus on drinking enough water – and here’s how to make sure you’re getting enough,… Read More »

Common Questions Before Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery: Separating Fact from Fiction It starts soon after you announce that you are thinking about having weight loss surgery. A friend calls to relate a horror story she read in a supermarket tabloid, another tells you about a celebrity who regained all the weight she lost plus more. Family members quote horrifying pseudo-statistics… Read More »

7 Things to Ask Yourself When Considering Bariatric Surgery

As you consider the many weight loss surgery options, it’s important to understand that any procedure is just the first step. The key to making it a lifelong success is understanding the personal commitment to change. Sharon Howard R.D., who counsels weight loss surgery patients (pre-op and post-op) in her role at a certified Bariatric Surgery… Read More »