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While an essential part of long-term success after bariatric weight loss surgery is following specific eating guidelines, the time leading up to surgery is no time to allow health and diet to worsen.

Learn about types of bariatric surgery and how to get started on a healthy, higher-protein diet that with adequate nutrition wherever you are in your journey.

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The Benefits of Exercise Post-WLS

Exercise for Bariatric Surgery Patients: Why and How The most important reason to exercise is to strengthen your heart. Whenever you exert yourself (even walking upstairs), your heart pumps extra oxygen-rich blood throughout your body. Since muscles need oxygen-rich blood in order to contract, the stronger your heart, the stronger your muscles. However, research shows… Read More »

Understanding BMI

Many people know their body mass index, or BMI, as a number, but far fewer understand just what that number means. Contrary to popular wisdom, the index does not measure excess body fat, nor is it a modern invention created in response to increasing average weights. Although it can be an effective tool for understanding… Read More »

Vitamin & Mineral Needs Of Bariatric Surgery Patients

Gastric bypass and other types of bariatric surgery dramatically alter your body’s ability to absorb vitamins, minerals and nutrients from the smaller amounts of food you’ll be eating. The resulting vitamin and mineral deficiencies can have serious medical implications. Vitamins and minerals contribute to your post bariatric surgery health in a number of ways, including… Read More »

Why Protein is Important Before and After Weight Loss Surgery

If you haven’t yet had your bariatric surgery, it’s important to prepare yourself for the process, and Lori Rosenthal, a registered dietician specializing in weight loss and bariatric issues suggests the following. “You need to create good habits that you’ll follow after your surgery. To be realistic, you need to start small, eating three small meals… Read More »

The Top Hospitalization Risk Post-Bariatric Surgery: Dehydration

Dehydration, says Jessica Crandall, registered dietician nutritionist and national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, is the number one reason for hospital re-admittance of bariatric patients, post-surgery. This means that, once you’ve had bariatric surgery, it’s crucial that you focus on drinking enough water – and here’s how to make sure you’re getting enough,… Read More »

5 Trends Seen Seen at a Recent Weight Management Symposium

This symposium coverage was written for Bariatric Choice by bariatric nutritionist Sharon Howard, R.D., who attended. I recently attended 2 days of great speakers at a Weight Management Symposium for dietitians in the weight loss field, including bariatrics. Sessions were filled with discussions on the latest in research-validated weight management treatment, the impact of technology, and… Read More »