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Exercise plays an extremely important role to achieving overall wellness and getting the body you want post-bariatric surgery. We’ll help guide you through a gradually increasing physical activity plan, including setting goals, strength training, dos & dont’s, and more.

Spring Into Exercise After Daylight Savings Begins, But Use Caution

The three-hit punch of winter’s shorter days, the end of Daylight Savings Time and frigid temperatures are often all the excuse we needed to stop those after-work exercise routines. It’s not easy to find motivation to go walking or jogging after driving home in the pitch dark and finally getting warm and toasty inside. In fact, a large… Read More »

Our Must-Read Bariatric Educational Articles of the Year

At Bariatric Choice, we are not only continuing to build our online store to be the leading source of bariatric nutrition, but we recently launched our Bariatric Choice blog to deliver expert nutritional, lifestyle and meal planning guidance before and after weight loss surgery. Since its launch in late last year, thousands of visitors have… Read More »

Sports and Recreational Fitness

By now, you’ve probably developed the endurance, strength, and flexibility to consider adding a sport or recreational activity to your exercise program. Here’s a quick review of options to consider. Swimming Provided that you swim continuously at a reasonable pace, this is one of the best aerobic activities. In addition, it builds flexibility and strength,… Read More »

Home or Gym Workouts

When the weather prevents you from going outside, exercising indoors can help you maintain your program of consistent physical activity. Two options for indoor exercise are joining a health club or creating an exercise facility/space at home. Here are tips to help you decide which is best for you. Convenience First, consider convenience. If you… Read More »

Aerobic Dancing

Dance the night away Dance Motion Remember the last time you went to a nightclub, wedding or prom and “danced the night away?” Dancing is not only fun, it’s great exercise! While most people can’t afford to kick up their heels every Saturday night, you can have a dance party in your own living room!… Read More »

Sit Down Workouts

There are many fun and easy exercises you can do to continue to increase your activity level! The following activities can be done any time, any place including while watching television! Remember, every little bit of physical activity counts and can help you to achieve your goal of successful weight loss. Review and try each… Read More »

Rainy Day Exercise

Don’t let the rain melt away your plans for exercise! If it’s not raining too heavily, an umbrella and proper clothing can keep your outdoor plans alive. But, if it’s “raining buckets”, consider walking in the mall. In the morning hours, many malls open their doors before the stores do. You can walk in the… Read More »